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1 December
PONY Announces Film Competition Finalists

At Philharmonia Orchestra of New York, we understand that the audience of today is not the same audience of yesterday—and we have set out to break stereotypes, tear down walls, and create an orchestra that appeals to a modern audience while staying true to classical music’s roots. As a unique orchestra that strays away from the norm, PONY is the first orchestra in the WORLD to sponsor our own film competition. We asked filmmakers to show us their talent through our Symphonic Storyboards Film Competition for a chance to be part of our spring season.

With classical music being a universal language with the ability to connect people of all different cultures, generations, and backgrounds, we received over 130 submissions for our film competition from filmmakers from around the world. In each film, we saw how classical music has the ability to invoke emotion and spark creativity.

PONY’s unique mixture of musicians, singers, and filmmakers contribute to creating not only a performance but a story and an experience. Instead of a film and a score being two separate entities, we aim to have the visual and audio enhance one another throughout the performance. The winning films that will accompany a Wagner overture are not meant to supplement a soundtrack, but rather create a symphonic story.

We are excited to announce the filmmaker finalists that will help bring our music to life. Click on the links below to view their past work:

H. Paul Moon



Taylor Stanton/Bec Sloane



Alan Nguyen



Alexander Lattanzi



Andrea Franceschini



Max Krupski



Tara Dougans


Phil Poppy

Kazutoshi Maeda

The final product will be screened during our concerts this spring at Jazz at Lincoln Center and New York City Center. You will not want to miss it. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners. Tickets on sale soon!